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I hope you enjoy the visual experience as much as I enjoyed creating the images. TED PILONERO

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 9804656: Hunting Heron Birds        slide show (51)
In flight or on the ground, birds fascinate us and peak our imagingation.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 11966921: Low Water Creek Black & White        slide show (27)
Sometimes textures and tones are the focus of a photograph and color can be a distraction. Here are some of my favorite black and white versions.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 7125673: Fishing Bridge Bridges        slide show (24)
Amazing bits of architecture, bridges are also enhanced by their often enchanting locations.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 7916326: Eye To Eye Butterfly Butterflies and Other Bugs        slide show (14)
Butterflies amaze us with their colors and delicacy. And insects of all kinds surround us, having more overall mass than all of humanity on this planet.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 12213804: Ready for Moraine Lake Canadian Rockies        slide show (20)
Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise - all stunningly beautiful places.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 11680512: Arenal Costa Rica: Sights & People        slide show (30)
Costa Rica is unique in its varied geography and in the joy of its people.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 10215600: Stars and Stripes Forever Designs        slide show (7)
Sometimes designs are just fun - and sometimes meaningful, too.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 9624133: Portrait of an Ancient Breed Domesticated Animals        slide show (14)
My wife and I have and live on our organically certified farm. Many of the animals shown come from our property, and some from other farms.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 8081709: Barn View Great Scenes        slide show (47)
I often see scenes that take my breath away. I try to capture them in a way that matches the best of my memories of them.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 9626554: In the Moment Humanity        slide show (52)
People are the most interesting of all the species to observe - at least to us humans.

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© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 10360446: Head's Up Large Animal Wildlife        slide show (28)
Sometimes they are a bit frightening to photograph. Long lenses help with safety. But I find big wild animals fascinating to track, observe and photograph.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 11035897: Detroit Dusk Lovely Architecture        slide show (25)
Sometimes we are inspired by our own human designs.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 9335724: Lotus Bloom Petals, Leaves and Stems        slide show (62)
Nature provides us a wondrous variety of plant beauty to behold.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 7852371: Forager Small Animal Wildlife        slide show (17)
Small animals surround us, whether in the country, suburban community or a bustling city.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 13849526: Dead on Park Avenue Utah        slide show (31)
Utah has many fabulous national and state parks and is a photographers delight.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 10091296: Stone Arch Reflections Water Reflections        slide show (26)
Reflective images in water add beauty, interest and depth to images.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 7834376: Morning on the Creek Waterfalls and Rapids        slide show (42)
Waterfalls and rapids are just about my favorite things to photograph. And I love the sound of moving water, too. I hope the motion caught in still images can bring to mind the sound of the water.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 10855227: Here I Come Yellowstone and the Tetons        slide show (38)
Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are almost attached and provide a variety of awsome scenery and an abundance of wildlife that is unrivaled almost anywhere in the Americas.

© Joseph T Pilonero PhotoID# 10281541: The View Yosemite        slide show (18)
Yosemite National Park in California is maybe one of the most scenic spots on the planet. In late May and early June the falls in the park are full with water from the snow melt, making the scenery even more spectacular.


© Joseph T Pilonero

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